David Mendoza presents “Jazz Stars Ensemble & Felinour Fusion Band”

By Joye Moon

The phenomenal young violinist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist David Mendoza has been playing throughout Mexico and Canada with some of the best young performers of his generation. He has also worked with the most experimental musicians, the old-school musicians, and the new-age composers and performers. Mendoza includes them as his inspiration to make every concert he offers unique. 

David began playing his violin on the streets of San Miguel eight years ago, and it didn’t take long before other musicians noticed his expertise and passion in his work. 

Gil Gutierrez and Gabriel Hernandez, two of the best musicians in town, quickly invited him to join them. They shared a stage for three years. 

Now David is the local violinist for Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppé and one of his favorite performers in every album he’s made since 2017. Hoppé praised David’s “wonderfully expressive violin playing. It’s, quite simply, one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear.”

David challenges himself with each concert he presents. The audience will enjoy different music genres with each show, which sets him apart from other performers. He is the only musician in town to play almost every genre: classical music, jazz, rock, Hungarian, flamenco, new classic, and more. Jean-Luc Ponty, Robby Lakatos, Fiona Monbet, and Sach Brock are his violin influences.

Mendoza is the director of every band he chooses to play with in every concert, making him a very skilled and complete musician who offers impressive and heartfelt experiences.

This time Mendoza will share his very ambitious and gorgeous jazz ensemble project, playing music by American jazz stars like Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, and Weather Report. He also includes the big young promising jazz artists in Mexico: Javier Cuevas on the piano, Omar Leo on electric bass (the most similar sound to Jaco Pastorius in Mexico), Israel Ramirez on saxophone, and Raúl Rios on drums. Ending this concert on a high note, David will share his original Fusion Band with big influences from Weather Report, King Crimson, Jean Luc Ponty, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and contemporary electronic music, including the talented Gustavo Guzman on the drum machine.

This event will take place in the beautiful garden of the Tres Fuentes Hotel Boutique at

Baeza 7, Centro, near Parque Juárez. At 6pm, the concert starts. The Tres Fuentes Restaurant serves an optional delicious dinner during the show in an intimate outdoor venue with comfortable seating for no more than 100 people. Tickets are available at Biblioteca Pública, Insurgentes 25, Centro, and in the Tres Fuentes Hotel lobby. This will be a memorable evening whether you are visiting or living in San Miguel de Allende, the heart of México.

Joey Moon is a professional artist from Wisconsin, U.S.

Music and Dinner

David Mendoza presents “Jazz Stars Ensemble & Felinour Fusion Band”

Mon., Mar. 27, 6pm

Tres Fuentes Hotel Boutique

Baeza 7, Centro

Music: 700 pesos

Dinner (Optional): 750 pesos