Joel Corrales and Rafael Cauduro: «Criticism, Eroticism and Deterioration»

By Yudi Kravzov

The Irma Appel Gallery, opening at Hotel Agua Santa at Cardo 10, will open an exhibition for Rafael Cauduro and Joel Corrales on Thursday, June 8, at 6pm. These two great artists who deal with realism play with reality and time with great skill. Without words and through colors, they transport us to a hyperreal world eliciting a conversation with everyone who sees their work. 

While Cauduro’s art criticizes our society, he makes his voice heard through the play of colors, dimensions, and diverse techniques. He tackles deterioration and surprise. Corrales brings into the present sleeping giants with closed, placid eyes. Corrales’s giants surrender to reality and emigrate, by their own decision, to a dream world where nothing matters anymore.

The created characters of both artists represent a multitude as well as reminding us to be wary of our own inertia, conformity, and accepting the status quo. Do not forget the date at Hotel Agua Santa. Don’t miss it!