Long Live Music and Dance!

By Peter Ramsey

In January 2020, Angela Garcia Esperon opened her tablao flamenco called Mandala Café. The opening coincided with the news that a deadly pandemic was entering North America. Like every other club and restaurant in the world, Mandala struggled with the news until April 2020, when the world went into lockdown. Later that year, things started to open again amid mask mandates and seating restrictions. Mandala Café closed, and the future of live performance seemed uncertain. Francine Lory of Paprika called Angela and offered her a Saturday night house gig, determined to keep music and dance alive during a hard time when the world so badly needed it. Together, they survived that difficult time and continued the music and dance. It seems they have survived the troubled times, and venues have returned to a new normal. Angela and her troupe have performed five shows at Teatro Santa Ana. She is returning to Spain for two months of professional development in Andalucia, the home of flamenco. She and her band and dancers are performing again at Paprika Saturday, March 18, to celebrate the human spirit’s endurance, remember the ones they have lost, and dance their way into a brighter future. To Francine and the Paprika staff, thank you for helping the troupe across the troubled water. Long live music and dance!

Flamenco show 

Featuring Angela Garcia Esperon

With flamenco dancing, singing, and instruments

Sat., Mar. 18, 5pm

Paprika Restaurant

Ancha de San Antonio 9, Centro

800 pesos

415 124 2338