Rodríguez-Potosí Studio

By Rodrigo Diaz Guerrero

There is no doubt that La Aurora Factory has positioned itself as one of the leading art venues throughout the country. Its walls oscillate between decoration, antiques, and fine arts to satisfy the different tastes of those who reside and those who visit here. A place that we should celebrate. A place that continues to present fresh offerings for those of us who enjoy the aesthetic experience. Today we invite you to a new space that keeps us expectant.

Formerly belonging to Rita Torlen, the 13C studio is now the Rodríguez-Potosí studio. It will be the canvas of Alan Rodríguez, an artist proudly from San Miguel, with a broad vision of art for someone his age. He has a brushstroke that reveals deep and dreamlike scenes, full of character, where human creation is contrasted with nature. He poses realistic scenarios and interprets compatible universes, leaving what exists behind the scenes to the imagination. His skies are the leading elements in his work. They immerse themselves in the greatness of the universe and perhaps of God.

His peer, Juan Luis Potosí, a Leonese artist, is a contemporary sculptor with a fine arts career of more than ten years. His work focuses on the human body that he represents with experimental materials. He generates characters endowed with animism, fluidity, and plasticity. He finds a postmodern voice in rubble, bronze, old metals, or ceramics. This faithful reflection of our contemporaneity throws us into the unfathomable abysses of being, those of other beings and our own, the human condition in objects that both disturb and amaze.

Both have experience and a commitment to teaching and a constant evolution. The studio will be the setting for various activities such as experimental or figurative sculpture classes, as well as the exhibition of recent works.