The Artistic Synergy of the Romanian Group Noima Comes to Casa Europa

By Tania Noriz

The Noima Group, a renowned Romanian artistic collective, arrives at Casa Europa on June 15th to present the exciting exhibition «Living Organism/Living Exhibition.» This multidisciplinary art showcase which includes painting, photography, video, and four masterclasses, aims to present the image of a group of artists who, despite being individual personalities, manage to merge into a living artistic organism.

Within the exhibition the audience can contemplate the evolution of the Noima Group since its creation. Through paintings, photographs, and videos, the public can appreciate the artistic and conceptual progress that the group has experienced in its 20 years. The artists present in the exhibition, Cosmin Frunteș, Dan Gherman, Andrei Rosetti, and Sorin Scurtulescu, will also offer four thematic masterclasses for amateur or specialized audiences on June 16th. These classes will be a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vision and techniques of these outstanding artists.

This event will mark the first presence of the Noima Group on the American continent. In addition to the artworks the exhibition will feature a piano music concert by Lidia Guerberof-Hahn titled «Great Masters of Romanian Music,» on June 24th.

One of the highlights of this exhibition is that throughout their stay, the artists will create paintings in real-time which will gradually and organically integrate into the original concept of the exhibition. This interaction between the artists and the public environment will provide an enriching experience for both the creators and the audience giving rise to a unique connection between art and the community.

As a complement to the exhibition the documentary «Noima-Work in Progress» will be screened. This documentary offers a comprehensive description of the Noima Group through interviews with prominent figures in the artistic field such as the American writer and curator Alan Jones, the art historian and curator Ileana Pintilie, the painter Constantin Flondor, the Austrian curator Denise Parizek, and Ovidiu Badescu, Galleria 28. The documentary provides an in-depth look at the group’s trajectory, their inspirations, and their focus on traditional painting techniques as well as modern media and contemporary forms of artistic expression.

You can’t miss the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking exhibition that celebrates Romanian culture and the powerful connection between art and life. Come and witness the magic of «Living Organism/Living Exhibition»!