«Jaguar, Voice of a Territory»

By Martin Buenviaje

This film, produced by Canoa Films, premiered in Cinemark theaters in Colombia. It was recognized as the best foreign film at the Wildlife Conservation Film Fest environmental festival in the United States and received honorable mention at the Barichara Green Film Festival.

“The film does not make complaints or propose environmental solutions. This documentary recorded an inheritance, a legacy that is ours, that is valuable. Everyone will see what they decide after that. What we want is for people to get to know this animal because that is the first step. I can’t respect something if I don’t know it. We want you to know what the origins of the jaguar are, and who are those beings that speak so highly of this beautiful animal. Who are the ones who care for him so much and why,» said Simón González Vélez, the director of this documentary, one of the Colombians shortlisted to participate in the 2021 Goya Awards and the 2021 Oscar Awards.

“The great achievement of bringing ‘Jaguar’ to theaters in the country is that it is a way to exalt the vital message that our ancestral cultures bring us today. It is a way to keep alive that connection with the natural world to maintain a real balance with mother earth. Having the experience of seeing and listening to these stories from the jungle, which are also full of wisdom and color, is being able to understand the importance of keeping ancestral traditions alive, a great example of life,” added Enrique Londoño, the producer. 

We are promoting this film with the support of Huerto Roma Verde and Casa Shala, and it will premiere in San Miguel de Allende on Saturday, May 27, at 6pm, at Arias 7A, Barrio de la Palmita. Audio will be in Spanish with English subtitles.

On the following website you can see the trailer and more information about this project of ancestral cultures and the environment: https://jaguarvozdeunterritorio.com/

After the performance, we will have the opportunity to hear the opinions of the director. For those who want to listen to medicine music, directly from the feeling of the Amazon jungle, we will have a concert for the soul by the medicine musician Ragde Lobo. There will be popcorn, food, a cafeteria, and drinks to accompany this event. We hope to reach our expected goal and support the Cofán Community in Putumayo who work to preserve the jaguar’s habitat and provide sacred medicine. The cost to see the movie is 50 pesos and 200 pesos for the concert. You can purchase the combo for 230 pesos.