One Hundred Years After the Cristero War

By Luis Felipe Rodriguez

The Cristero War suffered through many crises during its years. The historical dates given for this bloody war are July 31, 1926, through June 21, 1929, Although the end did not really come with that final date. Antonio Ruiz Valenzuela reminds us of this in his work: «Historical Pages of San Miguel de Allende.» According to him, on April 11, 1920, the Bishop of León, Emeterio Valverde Téllez, accompanied by thousands of Catholics, proclaimed Jesus Christ king of the Leon diocese and erected a shrine. Years later, on January 11, 1923, another crowd of faithful returned to the hill for the laying of the first stone of the second national monument to Christ the King. 

President Obregón considered this an act of public worship, which had been prohibited by the constitution. He ordered the governor to forbid the construction, and the delegation was given three days to leave the national territory. This took place on January 17, 1923. The first monument built in 1920 was dynamited in 1928 during the Cristero conflict. The long chain of painful and sad events should not be lived through again. Tolerance and respect are the best way to achieve coexistence, and this we can all work for.