Feeding Our Felines

By Debbie Campbell

The Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende is a no-kill shelter providing a haven for homeless, abandoned, and stray dogs and cats. Some resident dogs and cats have lived at the S.P.A. for many years, so we have animals of all ages (and personalities) that need food and care. The goal of this year’s S.P.A. Pet Food Money Bank fundraiser is $250,000 pesos ($14,000 USD), 100% of which will be applied to the annual cost of feeding our animals. Because animals do not adjust well to changes in diet and we lack sufficient storage space, we need to raise money to cover the annual cost of feeding our cats and dogs, rather than seek donations of food.

Every day can be different in the cattery, but one thing that never changes is the daily ration of canned wet food served at about 11:00. For S.P.A. cat volunteers, providing the mid-day meal for at least twenty hungry cats is the first order of business. The minute you walk in the door, the felines make beelines for various perches where they can keep a watchful eye on the pantry as their tasty treat is being prepared. 

A chorus of meows fills the air in anticipation as the platters of food are carried into the two areas known as Adult World and Kitten World. The cats are not in cages at the S.P.A.; they roam freely in these spacious and comfortable rooms, playing with one another and spending quality time with the staff and volunteers. There is plenty of dry food and water available around the clock for the cats, but they look forward to this special treat of savory wet food mixed in with some kibble to stretch the number of servings. When it’s time for their 11am treat, the cats hover near the entrance to their respective areas. You have to be careful because the teenagers can jump high enough to knock the dishes out of your hands before you get a chance to place them for easy access on the floor!

There are a few divas that require a separate serving away from the others – and some of the bigger boys jostle each other for a spot at the communal trough, but somehow everyone gets their fair share. Afterwards, they carefully clean their paws and lick their whiskers and prepare for playtime or line up for petting and brushing. 

Then there is another treat time! Even though every kitten and elder cat has had comida, they act like they haven’t eaten all day when you rattle the jar of tasty kibble treats. They come running and stand up on their hind legs or wind between your legs until you toss a handful or two of crunchy nuggets on the floor. Then things resemble a frenzied Easter egg hunt. That also signals the end of volunteer time. The cats know that every day, a dedicated volunteer will arrive to disperse treats and play with them. 

Please help us provide food for all our cats and dogs by donating to our Pet Food Money Bank, the S.P.A.’s only major fundraiser of the year. Instant donations via PayPal may be made online at https://www.spasanmiguel.org/pet-food-money-bank, by clicking the “Shop on Website” button on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/spasanmiguel, or by clicking HERE. Donate by Mexican or U.S. check to “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” (full name required) or U.S. check to “San Miguel Community Foundation” (for a U.S. tax receipt) (mark for S.P.A.). Your check may be dropped off at the S.P.A., Los Pinos #7, 415-152-6124 or at any La Conexion location (mark envelope “S.P.A., PMB 18”). Or mail your check to: Sociedad Protectora de Animales (S.P.A.), Los Pinos #7, Col. Lindavista, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, 37736, Mexico; or S.P.A., PMB No. 18, 220 N. Zapata Hwy. No. 11, Laredo, Texas 78043-4464 USA. Cash donations should be made at our office only (Los Pinos 7). Questions? Call 415-152-6124 or write info@spasanmiguel.org Please don’t delay, deposit funds today! We need and appreciate your help. Thank you!