Humor and Surprises in Mexican Cooking and Culture with Patricia Merrill Márquez

By Christine Yannitelli

Patricia Merrill Márquez is one of the treasures of San Miguel de Allende. With formal training and professional practice in architecture, city and regional planning and real estate brokerage, she was for decades owner of a bed and breakfast: Mexican Cooking Vacation. She is also the author of the book, “The Buen Provecho Book, Capturing the Spice of Mexico through Popular Food and Sayings”. The title of the book itself refers to the commonly used phrase Buen Provecho, which is so often heard in restaurants in Mexico as someone passes by a table of diners. It is a way of saying, “May it be good for your health,” or “I hope your meal benefits you!”  

With her rich knowledge of cooking and sayings dichos, Patricia invites you into her lush garden of herbs and flowering plants to reveal some of the secret language used in Mexico. You will learn some of the sayings used that reflect Mexican narcissism, the use of bread versus tacos and tortillas, as well as the uses of various herbs and teas.   

What do these sayings mean? ¿Se cree muy salsa? Or, he puts too much cream on his tacos! What is the significance of chilaquiles? What is ajenjo and what is it used for? These and many other sayings will be explained in this enchanting presentation.

Laura Esquivel conjured up a whole world in her novel, “Like Water for Chocolate,” the title referring to the fact that emotions were on the verge of boiling over. So too, Patricia takes us on a journey through these provocative and sometimes mystifying sayings, weaving personal stories from her own rich heritage of being brought up bi-culturally in a family of linguistics teachers. Her Yankee dad came to San Miguel in 1946 on the GI Bill and in 1949 married her mother, a local San Miguel woman. 

The explanations of these expressions and culinary secrets will delight and amuse you. In fact, “The Buen Provecho Book” was the personal gift of the Mexican Chancellor of Foreign Relations to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in order to share the richness and humor of Mexican culture through cuisine and language.

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Humor and Surprises in Mexican Cooking and Culture with Patricia Merrill Márquez.