Jóvenes Adelante: Mexico´s Future Depends Upon Destinos Brillantes

By Don Krim

Destinos Brillantes. Some see their Brilliant Destiny earlier than others. Hector Granados Sandoval, a 2021 entry into Jóvenes Adelante attends La Salle University in the Bajio – a school he chose because it offered studies in what, for Mexico, are new academic fields:

Criminology: the social science studying antisocial behaviors, their causal factors and how to avoid and combat them, and providing tools in the search for prevention.

Criminalistics: the cluster of applied scientific knowledge and techniques needed to investigate and reliably demonstrate the existence of a particular, likely criminal act.

In Hector’s words:

Criminologists and Criminalists are superheroes who fight the challenges of the 21st century to make this world a better place.”

I took the chance to meet with Hector on his school break to see how his perspectives have evolved over the past semester.

“I am aware that we live in a society surrounded by various economic problems, crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, and corruption that over time affect the population – mainly the youth…but what can I do to combat social problems and generate a change in society? 

“Currently I am part of the project Identidad Universitaria, Colectivos Juveniles. During my first semester I have attended workshops and an International Congress of Criminology, organized by CIECRIM (National Council of Criminological Teaching Institutions) and the Ibero-American Network of Forensic Sciences and Criminology.”

Hector’s commitment has not wavered, despite clearly seeing how new this all is for Mexico, and becoming increasingly clear of the challenges. He observes that not all of his classmates are as clear as he is about their futures. In response, he wishes to develop is a support network for exchange of information and ideas, starting with Jóvenes Adelante’s 13 other students in the same and related disciplines (as well as graduates.) From there he can branch out! 

“At 19 years of age I have observed and experienced all kinds of difficulties that at some point in my life…I know that it has not been easy to become the first in the family to start a university career, much less make the decision to study a career that really terrifies my family. On the other hand, I am very sensible, and having my objectives clear, I know that working professionally and constantly searching for a better opportunity for our young population and for our society is truly constructive and valuable.…I am a young man who cares and who is in constant struggle to change the current reality…”

Jóvenes Adelante is honored to be able to support the Hectors of San Miguel, the students looking to apply themselves towards building a better Mexico for themselves, their families, and beyond. 

In Hector’s words: “The support provided by JA is fundamental, having a personal impact…, mentors who attend to any situation, and especially the economic.” 

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