Local crafts: floral headbands or crowns of flowers

By Fernanda Noriega

Some of the handicrafts of San Miguel de Allende favored by tourists, are the decorations made from still life. For example, have you seen headbands woven with dried colored flowers? They are very characteristic of the city. Many women dedicate themselves to weaving these striking headbands, then they sell them beneath the portals around the Jardin, enticing tourists to buy them. Tourists have started to make it a habit to wear these floral ornaments when walking around the city and taking pictures.

Here is how they work and where to find them:

There are two portals on each side of the Jardin Principal. This is where the weavers of dried flowers are found, and there are between three to six of them on any given day. Each has approximately 100 headbands to sell per day, and each of them weaves 20 depending on the demand. These headbands are made with dried flowers, then painted with organic materials to make them more colorful and showy. This is one of the crafts that characterizes San Miguel.