New 2021 Jóvenes Adelante Students Share First Experiences

By Don Krim

Third in a series: Shared experiences from new 2021 Jóvenes Adelante students. Some text has been slightly edited:

“L” studies Law at the University of Guanajuato (UG.)

“Jovenes Adelante for me, has been a great impulse and reminder that every day I have to improve in all aspects, since I consider that success is obtained by improving every day, not only academically but also being a better person. My mentor has been aware and in contact with me, offering to introduce me to his lawyer. I feel it’s a big step. Thanks to the Jóvenes Adelante scholarship, I have managed to buy all my books for school, and I feel less pressured.

A computer makes it easier for me to do and save my school work and I know that I can count on all the members of this great family. Thank you!”

 L describes a hybrid class environment:

“My experience of adaptation has been very good, along with bringing nerves, enthusiasm and challenges that I must face. The classes I have in person are oral litigation techniques, criminal law and human rights. The latter was delayed a month for lack of a teacher. One challenge I face is teamwork, as teams are formed among those who attend face-to-face and virtual classes. Sometimes those who attend online are a little behind in the topics, and the information is repeated again. This of course serves as a review for all of us.” 

As for many students, L’s family life, has been complex. One of her aunts has terminal stage cancer. Making the best of a difficult situation, L says:

“This has me a little discouraged since a year ago I lost my grandmother. But on the other hand, I am calm because I have been able to donate blood and help sell raffle tickets that help in the medical expense of their chemotherapies.” 

Continuing to describe school, it is already clear that L is ambitious and is developing her leadership potential, already showing a desire to give back and connect with native roots:

“At the moment I am doing a course in the National Commission on Human Rights in Indigenous Peoples, and I am still part of the organized group of my university ‘Altruismo UG’ where conferences and talks on different topics are made. I serve within two secretariats: Indigenous Rights and Gender. In a few weeks I will be master of ceremonies of a conference with the secretary of indigenous rights that will be carried out virtually, through Facebook and face-to-face. A few months ago I was selected by the board of directors as a UG talent, something that fills me with emotion. I also was a folkloric dancer again in the city – at the main garden and the Angela Peralta theater.” 

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