New 2021 Jóvenes Adelante Students Share First Experiences

By Don Krim

“If I could describe with a single word how I feel right now, I would say that I feel motivated, since Jóvenes Adelante came to impact my life, to be an incentive in my career.«

Yesenia studies Nursing at the University Allende.

The economic support that I receive gives me stability, which gives me the security to continue and thus focus on my studies; the support I receive from my mentor––since I know that I can count on a person who listens to me––drives me and guides me in my walk through life; I have not yet been able to meet her physically or talk a lot with her. I hope for some day to get to know her better and make a good friendship with her.

I like to continue learning many new things so now I am taking training in pulmonary physiotherapy and soon I would like to enter a volleyball team, basketball or maybe even participate as a cheerleader in my school. But for the moment I plan to continue throwing all my desire and commitment to my career because my main goal is to become the best nurse. Now thanks to Jóvenes Adelante, I know with certainty that I will achieve it.

I am excited to start taking the courses and workshops provided by Jóvenes Adelante, especially those that are outside of my career: those that increase my knowledge and skills in other areas of life, such as the economy for example, where I have learned to manage myself better, motivating my entrepreneurial spirit by helping me set new goals.”

Yesenia is already rising to school challenges, not only for herself but also for her classmates, showing and expanding her leadership potential as she describes below:

“The ‘Hybrid’ model of study has been a great challenge for the school and students; online audio and image are often deficient, causing many of the classes to be unintelligible. In view of the fact that the administrators ignored requests, complaints and individual problems presented by each of my colleagues, I was given the great responsibility and appointed as a ‘group leader.’ As the student representative, I took on the task of requesting a meeting directly with the director of the institution to express our concerns and propose new perspectives that would help solve these conflicts. We managed to obtain solutions, for which improvements can already be observed: the implementation of a speaker in which the school gets lapel microphones to improve the audio, and the creation of a new student committee that helps us to participate more actively and influence the administrative issues of the school.”

Yesenia is one of 34 new stories that began this year with Jóvenes Adelante. We hope to take 34 to 36 students in 2022. It begins with financial sponsors. You can be a part of these stories. Contact visit