Orange Cats Are the Best (or so some say)

By Heidi Wulfers

We have many interesting and handsome cats at the S.P.A. We have tabbies and calicos along with tuxedos and Siamese-like cats with bright blue eyes. We also regularly have a ginger or two. 

A few years ago, I adopted an orange cat from the S.P.A. When I put his photo up on social media, I was flooded with comments from friends, family, even distant acquaintances saying, “Orange cats are the best” and it did not seem that one was permitted to dispute this obvious fact. Then my sister-in-law adopted a ginger cat from the S.P.A. Her Facebook page, like my social media, was chock-a-block with comments about the definite superiority of orange cats in this universe.

Being of a curious mind, I went to the internet to explore whether this opinion is fact or fiction.    This is the intro to one study I found in Psychology Today: “Orange cats are thought to be the friendliest of all cats, but is this just a myth? Self-report surveys indeed suggest that orange cats are more affectionate.” The study went on to point out their approachability may be because they are risk-takers. They tend to be mostly male and larger than other cats and are therefore more dominant with bold personalities. Perhaps due to these characteristics, they feel more comfortable interacting with humans.

After having said that, I have owned both timid as well as bold orange cats. They have indeed been very affectionate, in their own way, but not all were risk takers. Not all were large. But genetics are buried deeply in an organism. They have all been very good companions. Not everyone will agree on this, but certainly orange cat lovers are quite adamant that orange cats are the best!

Right now we have three young orange cats at the S.P.A.: Morris, Sara, and Pierre. Each is unique in his/her own way. Seven-month-old Morris is full of energy and confidence. He is an acrobat, leaping and twisting in the air after wand toys. He readily adapts to changing circumstances yet has a pronounced soft side. He is content to sit things out and serenely take in his surroundings, a true relaxed and meditative soul. He likes people, often sidling up to the volunteers and napping on their laps. 

Sara, about 11 months old, is the den mother. She sits back and observes, accepts petting, but is not yet a lap cat. She will heartily engage in play and is a friend to all felines. She patiently waits for a home where she can provide companionship and calm. 

About 1 year old, Pierre, being the most mature of these young cats, is the diplomat. He welcomes new arrivals and helps them settle in. He takes equal interest in the volunteers, always the first to come say hello and get his purr on with the first pat. He loves touch and affection and is a 100% friend at heart.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, meet our gingers and all our cats at the S.P.A. any day, Monday-Saturday, 11-2, Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124 (masks required). 

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