Decoration stores in San Miguel de Allende

By Fernanda Noriega

What characterizes San Miguel de Allende, it is that rustic personality and impeccable aesthetics. It is not unusual to see that mansions, hotels and other establishments share the same style both indoors and out, because there are many local artisans and interior design establishments. 

Guajuye used to be a factory, well known by most San Miguel residents, which exported its products to different parts of Mexico. They produced blown glass items, a common technique in our beloved city when making glasses, vases and decorative items for the home. Over time, the factory became a design center that we know today as the Soma District. It is located on the Antiguo Camino a la Estación del Ferrocarril (Calzada de la Estacion), on Lupita Street 2. At present, it is a space where many activities take place. There are sometimes concerts, cultural and other meetings. You can also find art and decorative items for your home, with the characteristic touch of San Miguel de Allende. If you are not familiar with it as yet, do check our events calendar in Qué Pasa to keep up to date. This is a good place to acquire new pieces to decorate your spaces.

Another excellent place is La Fabrica Aurora, where you can also shop for beautiful items for your home. It is located on Calzada de la Aurora, past the bridge. Aside from shopping for decorative items, it is also an ideal place for artwork. But you can also indulge in a  good cup of coffee, or to take part in any of the frequent events that take place here. There are many art exhibits, as well as galleries with paintings and artistic pieces. How about you, which store is your favorite for decorating your home?