Boutiques in San Miguel de Allende

By Fernanda Noriega

The way we dress speaks volumes about us: displaying personality, interests, or even the way we see life. Currently, there are many brands and designers who pay special attention to these details. But in addition, they offer garments and products with a vision of the environment beyond looking good. They show their care for the environment with organic materials. Such is the case with some of the boutiques you can find in San Miguel. I present the details for you below, so you can learn a little more about them. Perhaps you’ll be encouraged to include them as part of putting together your wardrobe.

Mixta is a boutique highlighting the importance of craftsmanship, beauty, and the esoteric nature of the world of fashion. The store is located on Pila Seca 3, but they also offer online services and a presence on Facebook. Mixta collaborates with Mexican and foreign designers. But they rely on Mexican-made garments and accessories. Something I love is that the materials are usually natural fibers. The precious stones they use symbolize the four elements, a balance with the environment, and the unmistakable style that distinguishes the brand.

Abrazos is one of my favorite stores. Located on Zacateros 24, in the historical center, they have a brand with a characteristic touch. The fabrics they use in the creation of garments are 100 percent Mexican, in addition to typical designs and prints such as nopales (cactus), fridas (images of Frida Khalo), and flowers. The work of Abrazos is carried out by seamstresses from San Miguel. Among the clothing items you will find are shirts, dresses, and wide pants. But they also manufacture napkins, kitchen gloves, aprons, original patches for clothing, and other products with the same colorful style.