HojaSanta Boutique

By Fernanda Noriega

Sometimes the garments we wear fulfill an important function beyond covering our body or even showing our style–they also speak of our essence and feelings. What one wears tells a story! And it deserves to be given importance. Precisely thinking about this, HojaSanta Boutique focuses on creating designs that highlight emotions and feelings of everyday life through the use of colors, fabric textures, prints and accessories. 

The boutique is one hundred percent Mexican. Besides having traditional designs, the artisans and designers are also Mexican, which assures that when you purchase, you are supporting the locals.

HojaSanta’s motto is to focus on garments and accessories that complement the essence of each client. It alludes to the soul, to the feeling, and the state of mind that is transmitted through the attire; as well as to traditions and history that sustain the Mexican style. Notice how the designs of their one-of-a-kind pieces go perfectly with the colors of San Miguel. Their outfits are comfortable feminine.

If you are still not convinced, visit the boutique, you will surely be delighted and, why not? You could end up renewing your wardrobe!

HojaSanta is located on Calle de Juárez 7, Centro.