Micheladas for the Band

By Fernanda Noriega

San Miguel de Allende is a city rich in variety when it comes to mixology and cocktails. It has even been the venue for events such as Millesime, a festival where the protagonist is wine because of the number of vineyards here, and the Michelada Festival, which, if I remember correctly, takes place in October.

In this edition, we offer a list of the places where I have had the best micheladas in San Miguel and that also offer atmosphere and incredible views of the city. Here we go!

I will start with Kaban, Cocina de Origen; It is located on Hernández Macías. Not long ago I had the opportunity to meet Maggie, the virtuoso mixologist who is at the bar. Maggie has taken several courses and in addition to creating some signature cocktails, she also makes some amazing micheladas.

Imagine that this is a tour, and we continue to La Chopería SM. It is located on Calle de Canal and I find it ideal for a meeting with co-workers, since it is quiet and the space is suitable for spending a pleasant afternoon. The classic micheladas are its forte, it is worth mentioning since I love the spicy touch of mixed sauces.

We continue our tour to Pescaü, which is more of a seafood restaurant, located on Calle de Jesús; I think we all agree that there is no better compliment to a michelada than some good deviled shrimp, and this is the right place for it.

Finally, I recommend you close the afternoon or the night at the Manantial; on Barranca. It is a cozy and quiet place where you have the opportunity to meet nice people given the atmosphere of the bar. Besides that, of course, the micheladas are exquisite.

I dare you to do this tour! Cheers!