The Room, Mezcal Bar

By Fernanda Noriega

Although San Miguel remains a relatively small city, it offers many wonders. There is practically nothing you cannot find here, and the big plus is that the Heart of Mexico gives it all to its residents. If you’re thinking of having a few good drinks, it doesn’t matter if you prefer wine, craft beer, pulque or tequila, our beloved town will not disappoint you. It has been enriched by the arrival of vineyards, a beer brand that bears the name of the city, and now I will tell you about a place that is here to stay, and another beverage to fall in love with—mezcal.

The Room Mezcal Bar is located on Calle de Hernández Macías number 76, in the central area. This specialty bar uses a completely artisanal method of fermentation and distilling of agave. They use clay pots and wooden tubs placed in the heat generating space where the condensation and vaporization takes place in order to create this drink considered by many on a par with tequila, a national symbol. 

The Room also offers the possibility of holding private events at the facilities for up to twenty people. You can make a reservation two days in advance by communicating through email If you would like to try a Mezcal Negroni or Mezcal Margarita, which are some of the favorite cocktails of those who know the bar, do not hesitate to visit them from Tuesday to Saturday from 6-11pm. Sundays and Mondays are only by reservation. You can also follow them on Instagram as @theroom_sma.