A Few Days in San Miguel

By Fernanda Noriega

One of the main attractions when staying in a hotel is the swimming pool and being able to enjoy a relaxing time under the sun. 

After getting to know various hotels in San Miguel, we list three different proposals with attractive pools. We hope they will meet your expectations and needs.

One of my favorites is the pool at the Hotel Matilda, which has an excellent location on 53 Aldama Street. The pool is in the central area of the hotel, surrounded by banana trees that create a tropical atmosphere. Next to it, you will find the Monkey Bar, where you can order the cocktail of your choice while you sunbathe. The hotel also offers spa service with various treatments and a sauna.

Another option is the Hotel Real de Minas, on Camino Viejo al Panteon 1. This hotel offers a Day Pass which gives access to the pool area and its enchanting gardens.  

A quite different proposal: if you are looking for a whole house to stay in, Casa San José is the one. You will find it at the corner of Nunez and Aparicio. This property is a colonial architectural jewel, built several centuries ago, which accommodates up to 14 guests. It is perfect for special events such as weddings. There is an intimate pool and a sauna at the back of the property, ideal for enjoying a relaxing day. It also boasts a cozy dining room for approximately 16 people.

This summer, we are waiting for you in San Miguel!