Visit a Museum with more than a thousand words

By Fernanda Noriega

Once you get to know San Miguel, you know something very important—we are a World Heritage city! That means that every building, every huge tree, every worn sidewalk has a story to tell. To immerse yourself in the culture and art of San Miguel, there is no better way than to tour some of the museums. In this edition we give you a list of six museums you should not miss. Some of them used to be private residences, others serve as homes for objects that today we consider treasures. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know them.

Casa de Allende Museum: Located on Cuna de Allende 1 in Centro, this was the former home of the hero of Independence, Ignacio Allende.

La Esquina Museum: It houses more than 3,000 handmade Mexican toys, collected over 50 years, and is located at Nuñez 49, Centro.

Ignacio Ramírez el Nigromante Cultural Center: Formerly a family mansion, today it houses the School of Fine Arts—Bellas Artes. Its main attraction is that it was the seedbed of artists which it still represents. You can find it in Hernández Macías 75, Centro.

The Other Face of Mexico, Museum of Masks: Here you find a collection of more than 500 masks made of clay, leather and paper-mâché, made by indigenous hands for folk dances and other things. It is located on Cuesta de San José 32, Colonia Azteca.

Casa del Mayorazgo: Another former mansion, its main attraction is the architecture that characterizes it. You can find it at the corner of Canal and Hidalgo, across from the Jardin Principal. 

La Fabrica Aurora: Within this space you will find what life is like in San Miguel without words, the story is told in canvases, sculptures, and handicrafts. It is located on Calzada de la Aurora.