By Fernanda Noriega

Gustavo López is Chief Concierge at Hotel Matilda, located at 53 Aldama Street. He is also the president of the Association of Concierges in Mexico, Les Cles d’Or (The Golden Keys, International Certification).

If you know López, through him you will find hundreds of ideas to enjoy a perfect day in San Miguel de Allende. In addition to this being his job, it is also his passion. You may be wondering what exactly a Chief Concierge does. In the first place, he needs to know everything the city offers, whether it’s outdoor spaces, restaurants, art galleries, or bars. He needs to know about these, and about everything else you may imagine. Second, you need to be a good organizer and learn how to create special occasions for hotel guests. And finally, you must take the time to experience it all for yourself. Otherwise, how would you know what is extraordinary?

López doesn’t find it easy to describe what makes a perfect day in San Miguel for him. However, he says that «something I do in my day to day life is walk.» For him, walking through the streets and parks is something that one should always do. 

For lunch, he has several places that “spoil” you. Some of these are: The Restaurant (Sollano 16), Andanza (Hospicio 35), Bovine (Canal 16), La Parada (Recreo 94) and La Única (Sollano 14). About La Única he says, «They have a beautiful cellar and a most pleasant terrace. It’s a different space.» Then he explains that each of these places are very different and are chosen depending on the plan, or the mood. «Bovine, for example, is a brasserie and it’s a dynamic place, unlike other places where you can relax,» he explains.

He explains that when he wants to do something different and get out of the center or the busiest areas, he likes to visit Cañada de la Virgen, or the Sanctuary of Atotonilco with its famous Sistine Chapel of Latin America. He also likes to visit haciendas, and says he favors them because of the family atmosphere, and because in these places you can appreciate the culture and have a fun time.

He also recommends experiencing horseback riding with one of the companies that offer it, such as Los Caballos de Allende, and American Style. Another option is a motorized tour with agencies such as CuartiRent or Extreme Adventure. And he has begun looking for family-friendly places he can enjoy with his wife and his twins. This has helped him to discover new places.