By Fernanda Noriega

For many, living in San Miguel is linked to making tourism a lifestyle. For José De Anda, that was his dream when he was growing up here, and he has learned how much he likes to connect with people.

It is difficult to describe what he does, because he has found his passion in many areas, such as volunteering. He has been involved in tourism for several years, and he loves making connections everywhere, and facilitating how people help one another. Some call that Public Relations. 

«I was born and raised here,» he says. As we chatted I became aware of his deep knowledge and affection for the area, a place that is his home. For José, a perfect day has to do with being involved in his work, which he can do very well from home. But he enjoys going out in search of a good cup of coffee, or spending hours engrossed in trying out menus. «I like to discover. Living here allows you to get to know every spot perfectly, but I like to go to new places and discover what makes them special.»  José is an accomplished coffee taster. Among his favorite restaurants and cafes are El Muro, Geek & Coffee, and in general those where the internet connection and the coffee are equally good.

What he finds very gratifying, and something that anyone in search of a Perfect Day in San Miguel ought to do, is to enjoy nature outside the city. He loves to explore the Charco del Ingenio, or go on a visit to the Rancho el Xotolar. Sometimes it is good to look for a time when there are not too many visitors and you can spend time in these places without overcrowding. 

In the afternoons and evenings, you can often find him at La Cuca bar. There he will almost always runs into friends, who make for an unpredictable and spontaneous evening. And walk. Walk a lot. San Miguel is made for walking, for browsing, walking in and discover new places that make you want to return, and return again. How is your perfect day? You have to try and find it out for yourself.