By Paola Velasco

Amatte opened its doors in December 2021 with a unique concept called «Wellnest Community» where everyone who arrives feels at home. Amatte is a hotel with 32 rooms and two villas that offer a cozy and elegant atmosphere. An extraordinary design by Japanese architect Shinji Miyasaki makes the atmosphere warm and with harmony, based on the concept «Wabi-Sabi» a Japanese philosophy that proposes a type of aesthetic vision based on the beauty of imperfection.

On the rooftop of the hotel we find the Hacmans Restaurant, in the charge of Chef Jesús Vázquez Collazo. It also has one of the best views of San Miguel de Allende—it is advisable to go at sunset to have a complete, almost sublime experience.

In an exclusive interview with Atención San Miguel, Mike Espinoza, Food and Beverage Manager and Sommelier Viridiana Martin, told us about the details that characterize the restaurant and the bar area. The menu is designed seasonally by renowned Chef Drew Deckman, simple dishes with fun ingredients, such as the mushroom powder in the pumpkin soup.

«For us the most important thing is to generate experiences for our diners; everything is cooked over a wood fire, which allows us to offer different nuances of unique flavors,» says Espinoza. The concept of the food is dishes to share, among which the Rib Eye Sonora stands out—a 1-kg cut of meat, cooked over mesquite firewood and presented in slices, ideal for sharing in the center of the table. One of the restaurant’s principles is that the ingredients used come from farms, ranches, or sustainable projects, such as Baja California oysters, Lobina, or mussels, delicious by the way!.

They have a program that I think is very important to mention, «Programa de Lealtad» (Loyalty Program), where they offer cards for locals with a 15 percent discount on all their purchases. Ask for them!

On the last Thursday of every month, they invite mixologists from different bars in Mexico to make «Aruma Nights» for the locals of San Miguel, who enjoy delicious cocktails at very good prices.

The restaurant is an ideal spot to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any special date. From Thursday to Saturday a DJ plays to complete the experience.

Hacmans Restaurant is unlike anything else in San Miguel, you have to visit it!

Amatte Hotel is located in Salida Real a Queretaro 168.