Conference: “The Importance of Leisure”

By Jorge Francisco Hernández

No; it is not by running, it is not in the tumult of people and in the haste of a hundred run-over things that beauty is recognized and how it flourishes. Solitude, silence, rest are necessary for every birth, and if a thought or a work of art ever arises like lightning, it is because there has been a long incubation.

Jacques Leclercq, “In Praise of Sloth”

On June 29 at 5pm Manuk Talks will have the honor of hosting Maestro Jorge Francisco Hernández, who will speak on “The Importance of Leisure.»

A plastic artist proud to be from Guanajuato, he is mainly interested in landscapes, which he considers an inexhaustible theme, highly valid with artistic possibilities and that can be approached in many ways.

As a child Hernández attended the painting workshop of Javier Hernández «Capelo,» and took pictorial technique courses with Luis Nishizawa. He studied philosophy with a focus on aesthetics at the University of Bologna in Italy.

The poets Pierre Hadot and Jacques Leclercq inspired Hernández’s talk on “The Importance of Leisure.»

«And it is precisely the task of philosophy to reveal to men the utility of the useless or, if you like, to teach them to differentiate between two senses of the word utility.»

Pierre Hadot, “Spiritual Exercises and Ancient Philosophy”

In a utilitarian age where one lives to work, one might wonder if there is such a thing as free time. If so,

● What is it?

● Is it really important?

● How long has it existed?

● In any case, what relationship does all this have to me?

In his talk, Hernández will seek to answer these questions.

Hernández received a well-deserved honor to participate in an art residency, an annual program run by the Versailles Foundation in France. This organization was founded by the restaurateur Gerald Van der Kemp. The program, called The Munn Fellowship Award, consists of inviting three artists to Giverny, France each year. There, they work for three months in the facilities available to the artists. The aim is for their work to be inspired by Monet’s gardens.

Manuk Talks support Galería Manuk’s artistic community, and in this case promote Hernández at this stage of his artistic life.

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