Jóvenes Adelante 2022 Hopefuls are Off to the Races

By Don Krim

And they are off! 

Jóvenes Adelante’s call for applicants to the 2022 class of scholars has just opened, and the early bird applicant numbers scream of determined aspiration and need! In just 2 weeks there have been 155 applications submitted on the heels of over 700 viewings of the application orientation video on line. Typically, 90% of applications arrive in our last 24 hours before deadline; last year our total number of applicants was 557 – so JA has already received more than 25% of last year’s total. Many applications, of course will be turned away for lack of meeting requirements. Those remaining will compete, not against each other per se, but within the limits of JA’s capacity. Time will tell, but JA’s goal to take 35 new scholars this year seems easily within reach – clearly there are plenty of eager students in need of support! 

Jóvenes Adelante maintains a profile for entry and exit. The seeds at entry are where we begin – or JA would not need to be here with the most robust university support program in Mexico.  Scholarship money and a powerful new computer custom loaded with crux software are vital but not enough. Perfect students are illusory: success requires consistent, potent support in the form of JA’s mentoring, psychological assistance, english tutoring, and an auxiliary success skills program. An ever watchful and attentive staff, cultivation of supportive camaraderie amongst our scholars with our graduates, and ultimately a palpable sense of love are what make JA Scholars more than 3 times as likely to graduate than the average university student. 

A recent graduate, Regina reflects on her big day:

“On the Saturday that was the graduation party it was the last roll call, and when they said my name it was a huge joy and even more to see the faces of my parents and my brothers, happy and proud. When they finished I went to my table and my parents told me “you did it,” but I think the correct thing to say is “we did it” because without the support of Jóvenes Adelante, you who provided the financial means, my mentor and my family, none of this would have been possible.”

The commitment from student, sponsor, mentor, tutor, psychologist – from every fiber of being of all who touch the lives of these students – this is the magic and hope that is Jóvenes Adelante.

Jóvenes Adelante enters 2022 committed to continue supporting the dreams of students from San Miguel de Allende seeking higher education here and throughout Mexico. Nothing is more impactful, long term than investment in education.

Thirty-five new students will join our current 109 ongoing students before we know it.Each needs a sponsor and a mentor. They are the lifeblood of our students’ dreams. These young adults will simply not make it without community support. You can be part of a university student’s journey and hopes. To discuss sponsorship, please contact donkrim@jovenesadelante.org