Jóvenes Adelante: “J” shares her ups and downs of the past few month

By Don Krim

Fourth in a series: Shared experiences from new 2021 Jóvenes Adelante students. Some text slightly edited.

“J” Studies Nursing.

Sensitive, vulnerable, and now healthy again, “J” shares her ups and downs of the past few months:

“In September the university I attend confirmed that it would open its doors to go in a hybrid way. At first I was a little afraid to attend, in relation to being able to catch covid 19. But now I have adapted very well in school with this way because I already know my teachers in person which helps me a lot to better solve my doubts as well as better understand the topics of the class. 

However, in late August I began to feel some symptoms related to covid. My mentor had told me that she wanted to meet me in person that week. This led me to take the tests because I was in doubt and could not risk my mentor. Indeed the tests came out positive, which then brought with it many situations in my person, family, work, and school. 

The day of the test the doctor told me that probably the whole family was infected because we were all living together. The next day more tests and then my dad, my mother, and my sister began to feel bad and we were aware that they were also infected. Not being able to do the housework forced my other sister to stop attending her work to be able to do the housework, take care of the children and my grandfather. The next day two of my brothers started with the symptoms; we were already six isolated. There were so many worries in our confinement that sometimes we no longer knew if we felt bad about the disease or about the helplessness and frustration of not being able to do something about it. 

I felt so guilty to see my family like that. In truth it was a very difficult situation, on the one hand the disease, on the other hand the sadness and on the other hand the economy, because we were all out of work. Thank goodness as the days went by we were improving.”

“J” goes on to thank Jovenes Adelante for it support in these difficult times.

“Jóvenes Adelante has influenced a lot in my life, more than anything in the positive things that are happening to me, with the help of my mentor, with school financial expenses, my computer. I have felt less pressured with school expenses. It is a great commitment to be part of Jóvenes Adelante because many people do not have the opportunity, but I who am here consider that I must make the most of all the help they offer me. Thanks a lot.”

For 2022 JA hopes to take 34-36 students. Sponsors are already making commitments. You too can be a part of these stories transforming local students and families.

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