Home Sweet Home

By Fernanda Noriega

One never tires of beauty, it is always something to admire and enjoy. San Miguel can be visually overwhelming sometimes, because there is so much harmony, color, and traditions. Not only do the streets and the architecture of the Heart City offer beautiful views, but that is also true of the interiors of houses, shops and churches with their many charms. With such an abundance of arts and crafts everywhere, it couldn’t be otherwise.

Regardless of the style of decoration you prefer, you are fortunate to be living in San Miguel. The city is filled with many artisans, carpenters, and interior decorators. If you have plans to decorate, redecorate, or remodel your home, we hope you will find at least one option to suit you in this article. 

La Aurora Factory: Located on Calzada de la Aurora, the space contains numerous galleries and shops filled with artwork, designer furniture, and home accessories. Visiting them will certainly generate many ideas for decorating your home. In addition, you will find coffee shops and colorful gardens to make your visit a special experience.

Mercado de Artesanías: The artisanal market can be accessed from either Relox or Hidalgo Streets, as it covers several city blocks. Within, you will find handcrafted Talavera pieces—complete tableware and tea sets, planters, ashtrays, and more, in a variety of traditional designs and colors. You will also find hammocks, pot holders, curtains, and other items made in waist looms, among other things.

Bohego, Sofi’s Home, Cenquizqui Galería: These are just some of the furniture boutiques you will find in town. There are many others aside from the ones mentioned. In any of these furniture shops you can find different interior designers and decorative artists. They create anything from furniture to cushions, and are all capable of making the spaces in your home take on the characteristics you wish. Whether you like the rustic and colonial style that characterizes the city, or you have something else in mind, give them a try.