Let’s Support the Red Cross in San Miguel

By María Ruiz

On May 5, 1980, the San Miguel de Allende Red Cross was founded, and for 43 years it has provided its services to the people of San Miguel every time an emergency arises. At that time, the municipal president Pedro Gerez Diez, the president of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Red Cross Luis Gerez de la Maza, the Commander of the First Aid Post Jorge Villa Mercadillo, and a group of young people committed to their community saw the need to found in San Miguel an institution that would offer first aid services and to attend emergencies. 

At the beginning they only had one ambulance and 25 active first responders, but with the passage of time and the support of the San Miguel community it has grown and now has more than 200 volunteers, two delegations, better structure in the facilities, a clinical-medical analysis laboratory, seven offices, pharmacy, four offices for specialties, a renovated vehicle fleet with more ambulances, and a rescue unit. 

Undoubtedly, all the support given by nationals and foreigners from this city has been of great help for the Red Cross of San Miguel to continue growing and to offer the community a quality service. That is why I invite you to donate in the annual campaigns, attend the Gala Dinner, or donate at any time of the year because none of us are exempt from having an accident or an emergency. You can also hire paid services such as first aid courses for companies, private ambulance from one city to another or within the city, or use medical services such as dentistry, optometry, psychology, physiotherapy, podiatry, general medicine, and pharmacy. 

In addition, the Red Cross organizes campaigns to collect clothes, blankets, food, shoes, school supplies, and toys to donate to the most vulnerable population of our city and its surrounding communities. The Red Cross also helps with prepared food for nursing homes, hospitals, low-income families, and children. If you are unable to donate financially you can donate in kind or serve as a volunteer—all help is welcome! 

If you have an emergency, no matter what time or day it is, you can dial 911 or 152 1616. If you are interested in volunteering or donating you can send an email to cruzroja.sma@hotmail.com, call the office: +52 415 152 4225, or visit their facilities: Libramiento Manuel Zavala 117, Bellavista. For more information, visit https://cruzrojasma.org.mx/

Thank you for 43 years of service to the San Miguel community!